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HomeGrown pEdiAtRics

Direct Pediatric Care by Dr. Kate 
board certified physician

Do Everything with Love...


What does HomeGrown stand for?

Families deserve more when it comes to health care. Each child is such a miracle and unique in so many ways. You should have a pediatrician who understands the dynamics of your child. A pediatrician who spends time and energy answering questions and forms a relationship built on sustainability. A pediatrician who supports your child's uniqueness.  Dr. Kate's dream is to provide care that goes above and beyond.  

Grow your Home with us!




“Dr. Kate helped us sleep train our very stubborn toddler. She was amazing and patient, even when we (as parents) were resisting!!"

KP, soon to be Mom of 2

Grow your Home with Us

Homegrown is located at 5 park square in the heart of ellicottville, NY

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