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Homegrown Pediatrics is a patient driven practice with a monthly membership fee.  Families decide which membership works best for their child.  This is called Direct Pediatric Care. The purpose is to take control of your child's healthcare.  

While we encourage families to have Health Insurance for emergent concerns, such as hospitalizations, medications, and immunizations costs. Homegrown can take care of most health concerns in our office, ultimately saving families money and  providing the highest quality of care.   Grow your Home with us!

Homegrown Membership


Birth to 4 months of age  $145/month

*includes all house calls


4 months of age to 12 months $85/month

*includes all house calls


All Children over 12 months - $55/month


Young adult/College Age  $55/month


Family Package Plan  $150/month - up to 3 children

Each additional child (in the same household) is $25/month 

Homegrown @Home

Dr. Kate loves visiting her patients in their own environment and understands many parents feel the same way.  Check in with Dr. Kate if you are interested in House Calls for all age children.  

While Dr. Kate cannot guarantee reimbursement by your insurance company, she can supply you with a medical bill with coding information. FSA and HSA can be used at your discretion. 

 Some patients have been reimbursed fully while others receive a portion back. 

Dr. Kate is considered an Out of Network Provider. 

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