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Frequently Asked Questions 


Why Choose Direct Pediatric Care?

The idea behind DPC is to allow time and energy for the healthcare of the patient. Insurance companies have many requirements and thus limit the time a physician can spend with each patient. The average appointment time for an insurance based office visit is 15 minutes while the average wait time for an appointment is 24 days! Many are turning to Urgent Care Facilities because they simply cannot get into their physician. Sound familiar? DPC wants to change that. The physicians who operate in the DPC model of care strive to spend 30-60 minutes with families and offer same day or next day appointments. The physician who knows you and your child best will be the physician that cares for your child each time they are sick, injured, or in need of a physical.  We do this without the restrictions of the insurance company and while saving you money. No copays. No hidden fees. No traveling to get to an Urgent Care or ER. This is the way healthcare is meant to be.

Can I join DPC if I have health insurance?

DPC does not work directly with your insurance. However, we encourage our families to remain enrolled in insurance to cover emergent needs, immunizations, and imaging/labs.  This could be a standard insurance plan, high deductible plan, or a ministry plan.  We offer discounts for some labs and diagnostics, that can be used with or without insurance. We work with you and your budget. If you choose to use us for acute care needs only, please see our FFS (fee for service) explanation or contact us for more information. 

What is the advantage of DPC? 

Because we do not utilize insurance, each family is scheduled for 30-60 minutes . Imagine what that would be like?!?  At HomeGrown Pediatrics, you have access to Dr. Kate via email or text, to ask those important questions. And if the question/answer requires a face to face, you will be scheduled for 30-60 minutes, without a copay, without being rushed, because raising a family well takes a village.  


Is DPC a form of concierge medicine? 

There are DPC practices that consider themselves concierge. These memberships range from $150-$300/month and offer similar services as HomeGrown.  We understand our population (we grew up here!) and the need for sound medical care.  There is a balance.  Our commitment is to care for patients.  The price is affordable and the care is exceptional.  


Can I afford DPC? 

YES!  How much does it cost to go to Urgent Care once? What about the Emergency Room?  The average insurance plan charges the consumer a copay that is the same as a 6 month membership to HomeGrown! Many concerns can easily be addressed by Dr. Kate without the hassle of driving to the city and usually over text/facetime. Not convinced, try HomeGrown for 6 months....just try it... 


Can I use FSA or HSA toward the monthly membership? 

FSA accounts can be utilized for any care that supports keeping you and your children healthy, including memberships! Recent legislature will make use of HSA a more common occurrence. We can discuss this at a meet and greet. Come visit Dr. Kate!


Is it practical to join HomeGrown when I live over 30 minutes away? 

YES! Live at a distance from our central office but still interested in joining, with technology and the low monthly cost, why not join?  Most concerns can be addressed via Facetime, email, and text. Yearly physicals can be a fantastic excuse to visit Ellicottville or for Dr. Kate to come visit your little one at Home!! 


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