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What does HomeGrown offer?


Become a part of the Homegrown family by joining our membership program. This includes physician visits - in our office, your home, and over tech. 

Acute Care Visits

All acute visits are included in the membership.  If your little one has a sore throat, rash, earache, vomiting.....

If your bigger one falls and becomes injured...

Homegrown is here for you!

Home Visits

Home Visits are offered for newborns - 6 months as part of the Full Membership.  Additional home visits are available at cost.


Time to answer questions - about potty training, sleep training, feeding schedules, and everything in between. No interruptions.  Our goal is to help parents raise healthy children! 


Dr. Kate is trained in Osteopathy offering complimentary relief for

various aliments through 

Muscle Energy, Sinus Release, and High Intensity HVLA. 


Dr. Kate specializes in laceration repair, abscess drainage, fracture stabilization, and much more.

*some additional fees may be required

Do Everything With Love...

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